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Furutech FP-ALPHA TCS31 PC-TripleC Power Cable Meterware (10cm)

Furutech FP-ALPHA TCS31 PC-TripleC Power Cable  Meterware (10cm)

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Art.Nr.: FU-FP-TCS31-10cm

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Designed for audiophiles Audiophiles are a discerning crowd. They have high expectations of premium power cables, and rightly so. They want a lowered noise floor. Increased resolution. Deeper, tighter bass, improved soundstaging and enhanced imaging. Plus of course a rugged construction with a tight, secure connection. Which is why Furutech’s Alpha PC-Triple C conductor was conceived specifically for audiophile use and developed to deliver the purest power transfer possible. The precision of a sword The Samurai knew a thing or two about precision engineering: who could argue with the razor-sharp technology of the katana, the Samurai sword? Key to its craftsmanship was a forging process involving repeated rounds of metal folding. Furutech’s Alpha PC-Triple C conductor mirrors that technique, using an ingenious proprietary forging process in which variable high pressures are applied to high-purity oxygen-free copper, essentially folding the metal tens of thousands of times. The copper's crystal grain boundaries are thus transformed from a vertical direction into a longitudinal orientation, allowing the electrical signal to flow considerably more smoothly along the completed cable. The copper's crystals become vastly more uniform and well-connected both physically and electrically, creating a much more highly conductive cable. The result is a sound that’s free of artifacts and impurities, delivering a wholly more compelling listening experience. As a result, you'll detect a number of important improvements: • A lowered noise floor, allowing more music to flow through your system. • Greater resolution and inner detail, letting you hear even more deeply into much-loved recordings. • Tighter, more controlled low frequencies, with more three-dimensional textures. • Cleaner, clearer highs with almost unlimited extension for today’s hi-resolution recordings. • Greater image focus, with a more precise and realistic reproduction of the soundstage. • An increase in dynamics throughout the entire frequency range. Is it really possible to hear such differences from a power cable? Absolutely. But don’t take our word for it – experience the difference for yourself. Replace your existing hi-fi power cords with Furutech’s Alpha PC-Triple C bulk power cable and you’ll feel closer to your music than ever before. Or add them to your home theater system for sharper, clearer video images and truer colors. SPECIFICATIONS - Alpha PC Triple C conductor: diameter 2.5mm (12 AWG) - Insulation: Special grade Flexible PVC (Brown, Light Blue, Green/Yellow) diameter 5.0mm - Inner Sheath: Special grade Flexible PVC (Black) diameter 12.0mm - Shield: 0.12mm OFC Wire Braid - Outer Sheath: Flexible PVC (Dark Green) diameter 16.0mm 「Characteristics」 1. Purity > 99.996% 2. Conductivity (EC)≒101.5 IACS% 3. Tensile strength (TS) ≒250 MPa  4. Elasticity (E) ≒35% Wire (1.3mmΦ) Important customer notice: Only products sold by authorized Furutech dealers are covered by warranty. In order to obtain warranty service, proof of purchase from the authorized Furutech dealer must be provided to either the Furutech dealer or the Furutech distributor in the country of purchase. The team at Furutech and our partners worldwide thank you for your understanding.

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