Tang Band W5-1880 8Ohm

Tang Band W5-1880 8Ohm
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W5-1880 is a 5" Breitband Lautsprecher mit Bambus Fiber Konus und Phase Plug .
Hochwertigem Underhang Antrieb , Multi Neodym Antrieb. Diese Eigenschaften erweitern den Linearen Arbeitsbereich und reduzieren die
2. & 3. Harmonischen Verzerrungen auf geringste Werte.


  • 5”, Full-range capability
  • Underhung voice coil
  • Extremely low harmonic distortion
  • Multi-element Neo. magnet structure
  • Bamboo fiber paper cone, Unique Alum. phase plug
  • Frequency Response 48- 20K Hz
  • RMS 30W Power Handling


Product details 

Tang Band W5-1880 5" Paper Neodymium Full Range 8 Ohm

W5-1880 is a 5" full-range speaker driver made with bamboo fiber paper cone and an eye-catching phase plug. Its distinguished beauty caught everyone's attention. This full-range driver features an Underhung, multiple-element neodymium motor design that provides extended, linear response while reducing 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion. The sound performance is warm and articulate.

Why multiple-element neodymium magnet?

Neodymium is a high magnetic, rare-earth element and is usually more expensive than other magnet types. It takes a significantly larger amount of most other types to create magnets with the same strength as neodymium. Using a multiple-element neodymium magnet allows the speaker motors to have high control level.


What is an Underhung System?

An underhung voice coil features a voice coil winding height shorter than the top plate. This means the
voice coil is within the magnetic energy field at all times. This system provides consistent electromotive force over a limited range of motion so the driver can reproduce the applied signal faithfully, and create a very low 2nd, 3rd harmonic distortion.


The Unique looking Phase Plug

The special design of the phase plug had been tested many times by the professional team. The design is used to improve higher frequency dispersion. It guides the sound waves toward the listener rather than allowing them to interact destructively near the driver. In other words, it serves to equalize sound wave path lengths from the driver to the listener.

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